Client Comments:


    "When Margaret first saw David, he was 8 months old and hadn't rolled over yet and was unable to put himself in a sitting position.  After 3 lessons there was a noticeable change.  He was more interactive, beginning to roll himself over and more vocal.  Now at 10 months, David is very mobile and continues to be more alert and interactive and has caught up with his developmental milestones."

   "What the Anat Baniel Method can accomplish is amazing and I never would have believed it if I had not experienced it for myself.  I have played the violin since I was twelve years old. Since I was sixteen, I struggled with carpel tunnel syndrome in addition to minor back problems for about six years.  Not only was it painful, but the carpel tunnel syndrome made it very difficult, if not impossible to play my violin or type.   When Margaret suggested she try giving me some lessons, I thought that it couldn’t hurt and agreed to try it.  After a number of lessons, the problems in my wrist and back resolved, and I haven’t had any real problems since then!  I am truly grateful!  It was a painless (and cheaper!) alternative to surgery.
More recently, my nephew went through a very traumatic birth and undoubtedly sustained some kind of injuries. For months his movements were restricted and he appeared in pain.  Though he seemed to grow out of some of it, we became very concerned when, at seven months old, he was still not even rolling over.  It was fascinating to watch Margaret work with him at that point.  What looked like play (and what to babies is not play?), was really accomplishing new neurological connections.  After several lessons over a period of two days, he immediately began new movements that hitherto, he had been unable to do, including rolling over.  Two months later, he was not only rolling over, but crawling and moving everywhere and trying very hard to climb and walk.  Because of timely intervention, he has probably caught up developmentally to where he should be, and he is a very happy baby!"